''We hadn't visited the market in town for many years - thought it had gone now the one side is a bar. We had a lovely surprise when we went in the other week and saw so many new stalls. We'll be calling in on Tuesdays too i after we've been to the auction rooms over the road'' Mrs P, Tibberton 

 It's so lovely to see fresh locally grown flowers in the market again' said one excited customer. 'It's a shame the Shropshire Land Girls aren't here every week, but I'll keep my eye out for them'. Mrs H, Edgmond 

 It was lovely to see The Shropshire Landgirls in the market entrance the other week. I couldn't resist a hand tied bouquet which, a week later, was looking lovely still. Grown just outside Newport and sold in the local market - what could be better!! Can they be there more often - it would be fantastic for the town to support such local enterprise. Mrs B, Newport 

 ''Thank you to everyone at the market for being so lovely to me and my mum. Mum has been going to the market for decades and loves her weekly trip to buy her bird food and meat for the week. It's been a difficult time for everyone recently and we are so lucky to still have a successful market - after all we are a market town'' R&S Church Aston 

 'My wife and I haven't been to the market for ages. What a fantastic atmosphere it is in here!! We spent ages talking to the stallholders about their handmade items and homemade produce. We felt really safe too' Mr and Mrs K, Newport 

 The Newport Indoor Market was up dated and reopen in 2019. We visited for the first time on Friday 14 May 2020 after hearing recommendations from friends and in the local media. At present the Covid 19 lock down means that some of the entrances have been closed off and the only way in is via St Mary's Passage on the left hand side of the building. A member of staff is by the doorway letting people in but ensuring social distancing. Some of the stalls are remaining closed but there are stalls with fresh vegetables, fresh fish , fresh meat and fudge all served with a friendly , welcoming style. My wife and I are impressed with the Newport Indoor Market and would recommend it to the people in the area'. CW - Newport 

 'My husband doesn't know I come here, he thinks I go and queue at the supermarket with everyone else. I can get all the food we need from here to keep us going during the pandemic. I'm so glad you are still open and will continue to support you when this nonsense is all over'. Mrs D, Newport 

 We've never really used the market before but we've popped in a few times over the past weeks and found it to be brilliant! Lovely produce and cheerful sellers. We shall definitely continue to use it way past lockdown. Many thanks for your hard work. We would like to say what a fabulous job you are doing to keep the market open and safe for us to use. A massive THANK YOU to each and everyone of you. Everyone involved in keeping the market open has been great, very calm and great supply on stalls xx Thank you Beth and Asa, all the Market Stallholders and staff for keeping the market open and safe. You are all doing a grand job!! Thank you Beth and Asa brilliant job, love this market, so friendly You're both doing a wonderful job thank you Take care Went for the first time today for some meat and veg best I have ever tasted will be back again. Well done the market team 

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