What's not to like - Chocolate Alert!!!
Jo sells handmade Belgian and vegan chocolates; a variety of solid chocolate bars, filled chocolates and truffles.  You can also find on her stallchocolate shoes, handbags, cars, cats and football boots! Plus a range of Halloween inspired chocolates too!
Jo also sells a selection of wools and handmade scarves.
🔸ī¸About Jo:
🔸ī¸How long have you been at the market?:
🔹ī¸Since May this year.
🔸ī¸What do you love about the market?:
🔹ī¸The great range of products and friendly atmosphere.
🔸ī¸What are your hobbies?: 
🔹ī¸Sewing, reading, gardening đŸŒģ📄
🔸ī¸What is your favourite food?:
🔸ī¸Where is your favourite place?:
🔸ī¸What is your favourite animal?:
🔹ī¸Cat đŸ˜ģ
Pop along to the market and see Jo on the 1 More Chocolate stand where you can pick up some delicious chocolates.