Regular customers will know that we have two marshals operating in the market managing the flow of customers. One operates at the entrance of Market Mews and one by the fruit and veg stall. However, there are a few potential ‘pinch points’ in the market which could cause problems and in these areas, we are very dependent on the goodwill of customers to ensure that everyone remains safe.

Most customers need to visit more than one stall so potentially, there is a queue at each stall. A ‘one way’ system around the market has been considered at great length. It sounds a simple and obvious solution but in practice, has the potential to be confusing, chaotic and unworkable.

We are constantly reviewing procedure and some recent refinements that we have made are detailed below:

· A maximum number of people will be allowed into the building at any one time

· There will only be one entrance (Market Mews) and the lower door by the Market Mews Car Park will be used as an exit.

· Stafford Street entrance will remain closed for the time being.

· The marshals will still be in place but it would be unrealistic to expect them to micro-manage every customer’s movements. This is no different to other retail establishments. Signage and barriers will be in place. We urge customers to follow these and continue to take personal responsibility so as to protect the stallholders, other customers and themselves.

· Friday morning between 8am and 10am seems to be a particularly popular time. Please consider shopping a little later so as to allow those who have work commitments the chance of an early shop.

· Where possible, please order in advance so that your produce can be put to one side and collected at a quieter time later in the day.

Thank you for your continued support and co-operation under such difficult circumstances