Moyden's Chese make a range of award winning cheeses including Newport Cheese, with their most popular being Wrekin Blue.  Martin feels proud to be part of the vibrant market in the town where he grew up.  There's lots more exciting things to come!

🔸️About Martin:

🔸️How long have you been at the market?:

🔹️We started on Valentine's Day this year.

🔸️What do you love about the market?:

🔹️It's a lovely place to work, with lots of friendly stallholders and excellent produce.

🔸️What are your hobbies?:

🔹️Cooking, mountain biking, learning more about cheese making.

🔸️What is your favourite food?:

🔹️Anything with cheese on! You can't beat a good cheese toastie!

🔸️Where is your favourite place?:

🔹️Wherever my family are, that place is perfect.

🔸️What is your favourite animal:

🔹️Cows! They're the most serene of animals, watching a cow chewing her cud with the   sun on her back is so calming!